Greetings, this is Mandy!

Here are some of my works, which have won or been shortlisted for awards including the Sigma Awards, the Society for News Design, and Information is Beautiful Awards.

I am a data storyteller with nearly five years of newsroom experience, also a recent grad majoring in Applied Quantitative Methods and Social Analysis.

Here are some of my best data stories. Check out my Python and R code examples on Github.

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The Big [Censored] Theory english-icon
After watching 100 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, twice, I concluded that China's version is indeed different from the original version, as the former has removed many so-called 'sensitive' content from this TV-14 show, and I can show you the subtle difference frame by frame.
Pitch - Research - Data Collection and Analysis - Writing - UX Design
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How the coronavirus spread in China, explained english-icon
This is one of the first data pieces to uncover connections among individual cases at an early stage of the Covid-19 breakout, using case data published by local governments in the country. Sadly, many local governments stopped disclosing case details after a while.
Pitch - Research - Data Collection, Clean and Analysis - Writing
Landmark Trial In China’s #MeToo Evolution Reaches Settlement, Chinese Newspapers Fail to Pay Attention english-icon
As a feminist, I always wonder how the mass media helps normalize the patriarchy. Naturally, when a #MeToo landmark case happened in China, I analyzed how different media reacted to that– while international media closely followed up with the issue, almost all the major mainland Chinese media stayed silent.
Pitch - Research - Data Clean and Analysis - Data Visualization - Writing
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China’s female civil service applicants ask: where are our seats at the table? english-icon
Gender preferences are common in China's job postings. For this project, I analyzed nearly 6,000 government positions and discovered that more than one-third of open jobs expressed a preference for male candidates, despite a raft of anti-discrimination policies.
Pitch - Research - Interviewing - Data Clean and Analysis - Data Visualization - Writing
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How I Matched Your Mother in the Market english-icon
Shanghai's marriage market is where local parents gather together to find their children a partner. It is as interesting and intimidating as it sounds. With 874 blind date postings we collected there, we discovered the pattern behind the Chinese matchmaking market, and what kind of marriage anxiety people are going through.
Interview - Research - Data Collection and Analysis - UX Design - Project Management - Writing
China’s 3,500-Post Edit War Over Feminism english-icon
On a random search, I found out that the 'feminism' entry on Zhihu (a Chinese version of Quora) has been edited thousands of times since 2011. I analyzed the 3,500 edits behind the post and managed to visualize how Chinese feminists awakened, educated others, and fought objectors amid waves of the feminist movement.
Pitch - Research - Web Scraping - Data Clean and Analysis - Writing
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China's Coal Miners Pile Up Record $111 Billion in Profit english-icon
China’s coal mining sector doubled its profits in 2021 as the nation’s pandemic recovery ramped up demand for the pollution-emitting fuel source. In this piece, I analyzed industry profits from 2011 to 2021 and showcased how the mining sector moved up its rankings among all the industries over the past six years.
Pitch - Data Clean and Analysis - Data Visualization - Writing
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How Chinese FOIA failed the citizens' requests chinese-icon
I was surprised to learn that China has a FOIA system too. Since there are no public records of the requests, I spent four months analyzing more than 4,000 court case files to figure out what Chinese citizens were asking for, and why local governments rejected handing those documents to them.
Pitch - Research - Interview - Data Clean and Analysis - Writing
What we need to know about the personal income tax reform chinese-icon
Tax reform is hard for common people to interpret. Therefore, after China announced their new policy, we built up a tool to help readers understand how the reform would affect their income, and how it would affect different groups of people based on their company types, educational degrees, and more.
Pitch - Research - Interview - Data Analysis - UX/UI Design - Front-End Development - Writing
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Chinese Apps are Removing Search Function for Teenagers chinese-icon
In a wave of regulations targeting minors, Chinese apps were ordered to shield teenagers from 'unhealthy and harmful' content. I ran a test on the most popular social media, WeChat, to see if it managed to meet the policy requirements, and how it balanced the entertaining service and the policy. Not a good balance, I would say.
Pitch - Research - Web Scraping - Data Clean and Analysis - Writing